When you want your build to look nice but are too lazy to actually make it functional too.

2022.01.29 08:19 ingtjie When you want your build to look nice but are too lazy to actually make it functional too.

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2022.01.29 08:19 rodlinger Är straight men vill testa att bli knullad av en kille idag ditt ställe i Västerås. Skicka pm

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2022.01.29 08:19 turget-bey-oba Top 5 strongest villians in kurulus Osman.

In the interest of fairness I'm going to assume if the season 1 villians were to survive they would also get a power boost like Osman.

  1. Balgay- he had 3 major fights with Osman and every time he got more dangerous. In his final fight he hit Osman 6 times while Osman has a sword and a shield. Although Osman was distracted by goktug for 3 of them hits. I don't think it's fair to exclude all three of them of hits so I will say balgay hit him 4 times fairly which is a feat no other villian has achieved. If Osman didn't have a shield I believe balgay could have severly wounded him.
  2. Flaytos. Only reason he achieves this spot is for defeating and injured Osman which is a great feat imo. In other fights he only hit him once or twice. I know Nikola also defeated and injured Osman but he had to cheat pulling on the arrow and Osman was far more injured in Nikolas case and even still hit Nikola twice. Flaytos only suffered one hit from a less injured Osman.
3 Togay. Had a close fight with injured bamsi but I guranted if bamsi wasn't injured or had been wearing armour Togay wouldn't have been able to stab him like that. Also while exhausted and injured he hit Osman more times than any other character but I would say only 2 of his hits were actually significant. If Togay was fresh I'd say he'd get around 3 hits but I'm not too sure as even fresh Togay isn't that strong judging by his loss to an injured bamsi. I believe these other villians on the list could defeat an injured bamsi as they have had excellent performance against fresh Osman and injured Osman.
  1. Kalanos S1 version always hit Osman multiple times but died early on so doesn't have enough feats in my opinion. But he definitely deserves a place on the list.
  2. Nikola. At first I would have said s2 kalanos as he hit Osman 1 time but I think Nikolas had a mini powerboost this season. While he did get stomped by bamsi he always performed decently well against turgut bey who is a strong character. However there is a noticeable gap between turgut bey and Osman bey which puts Nikola in last place.
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2022.01.29 08:19 gandalfinhogaucho [The Arks] Did anyone manage to save New Manchester?

I don’t think I ever got 600 steel in the whole playthrough. I can’t even imagine what I need to do to start saving them. Any advice?
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2022.01.29 08:19 Isbot2000 Hourly Wholesomeness

Hey, are you ok? To be honest, are you actually ok? You could be lying to yourself.
If you don't feel ok, talk to someone, someone you trust.
They won't judge you and will help you if you're going through a tough time.
And you don't have to go into detail — if you just say that you're not feeling like yourself, that's enough.
Just get the conversation going, and if you feel like there's more you want to talk about, then find someone you trust to sit down with you and get more in-depth.
Remember, you're worth your time. This is a really important realization to make in your life.
You're worth talking to.

beep boop im a bot
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2022.01.29 08:19 Ok_Platform_836 felt cute after a night of fun! F18

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2022.01.29 08:19 Sodacons If you drink coffee, how do you like it made/how do you like to drink it?

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2022.01.29 08:19 Recelatsiz Gençler ben bir süre sık sık girmeyeceğim. PC m bozuldu ve başka bir yere taşınıyorum.

Olay : Dedem bilgisayarıma vurup bana saldırdı ben de uzun zamandır kavgalıydım fırsat bu fırsat dedim kendisini dövdüm gözlüğünü kırdım iki elimde de yara oldu yumruk atmaktan bir baktım yere kan damlaları dökülüyor öyle saldım ihtiyarı ben senin gibi hayvanla kalmam dedim birkaç eşyasını kırdım giderken şimdi ayrı eve taşınıyorum kitapların nakliyatıyla falan uğraşacağım ondan pek fazla giremeyebilirim)
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2022.01.29 08:19 slayerulf Marre in the marre verse

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2022.01.29 08:19 bottlesoda007 Spiderman shattered dimensions graphics in my phone, processor SD 636... What to do?

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2022.01.29 08:19 originalcalpol She’s been here all along

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2022.01.29 08:19 LilAlvino How do I progress next?

Hi everyone I have a question. My main carry is finally lvl 300 and the rest of my team is lvl 260. But how do I level them up next? Do I now get everyone 1 by 1 to 300? Or do I level them all up to 280 at the same time and then to 300 at the same time.
And if my question is not clear enough, I will make a representation for you:
Do I level them up like this: 300-260-260-260-260 300-300-260-260-260
Or like this: 300-260-260-260-360 300-280-280-280-280
I hope question is clear and tha k you in advance for helping me out! 😋
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2022.01.29 08:19 magical_bunny At what age did you meet your true love?

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2022.01.29 08:19 1234abcd56 Instead of using the bin to the right, people in the cafe I'm at are piling rubbish up on this table, instead.

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2022.01.29 08:19 DameiestBird This post didnt go the way they thought it would lmao

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2022.01.29 08:19 thespectred Jess Chen (DC editor) shows off a copy of the amazing Red Envelope edition of MONKEY PRINCE #1. Looks good!

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2022.01.29 08:19 thrzwawa My dad just says 2 slurs so casualy/:

He said the d and f slur I wish he was just a good person): I'm never going to tell him.
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2022.01.29 08:19 Ali-Khan-1 S with 909 M5.

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2022.01.29 08:19 wucowya What code should I use for this? Excel and question posted below

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2022.01.29 08:19 heavy_coffee The great mystery explained

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2022.01.29 08:19 DBLDRGN Fin and Minoxidil FOAM in USA? Can’t use liquid products

I really want to get on topical fin, but I need a foam based option due to sensitivity and itchy scalp when using liquid based products.
I’ve been using minoxidil for a decade and it seems to be less effective now, and getting on topical fin (and also dermarolling) this year is to be my last resort before I decide if I want to just get a Hair Transplant in early 2023.
Only one problem, the typical minoxidil liquid is not an option for me so I absolutely have to use the foam based product. The solution in the liquid minoxidil always gave me terrible itchy scalp and I must be someone who is hyper sensitive to it, but the foam is totally fine.
Is it possible to get a foam based fin/minox foam product in the USA? I’ve seen the subscription based companies like Keeps and Hims but those all seem to be liquid based products. Preferably I could find something foam based. Any recommendations? I would like to just get a prescription that I fill once per month at a pharmacist that can make this mixture. What do you guys suggest?
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2022.01.29 08:19 Routine_Fisherman272 https://opensea.io/Sashatr

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2022.01.29 08:19 AbuAhmad123 Saladin and Mehmed Compared [Two of the greatest Muslim warriors]

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2022.01.29 08:19 32Rejbihasan SLIB very interesting project

@soullibofficial and #SLIB #soulliber #BSC #Matic #ETH #BTC
This project will go much further in the future because the team working on it is very strong. We will be happy to see the achievements and results of this excellent project.
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2022.01.29 08:19 thenewstampede Acquiring the original kickstarter promos...

So I'm pretty new to Boss Monster and decided to try to get my hands on the promos from the original kickstarter. Is it just me or is it nearly impossible to find these promos? I a big fan of collecting old games, so I collect rare games from the 80s and the 90s, and I have a much less hard time finding those than the promos from the kickstarter. Am I missing something?
On ebay I tried to look for Boss monster kirax or the golden dragon, with no success. Usually even a rare item will show up under "completed" items, but it doesn't seem like a single example of this card has ever been sold on ebay ever. Same thing for hellcow, the creator pack, or anything else related to the original Boss Monster kickstarter. They have never appeared on ebay, ever. These cards seem to be more rare than the rarest golden age marvel comics. Does anybody have any insight as to how to acquire these?
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