Best feeling ever

2022.01.29 08:01 Barry_Mckockiner12 Best feeling ever

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2022.01.29 08:00 tikitaka696969 Ian bach3lor episode

Hey asking for help here! I'm a new super fan (almost two year in the FAMILY). Seeing all the props Sam makes made me fall in LOVE with her, I know her and Ian met in the Bach3lor episode before I knew of H3 and I wanted to see that. I search on YouTube and I seem to find only the highlight (which is 40 minute so I don't complaint LOL). When I click on the link for the full episode it redirects me to h3 channel but not the video. Did something happened that they delete the full episode?? Or maybe I could find it in another place?? Just wondering Let me know the story-
(English is not my first language so be patient with my writing)
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2022.01.29 08:00 CronoDroid Choi Yena - Episode 2: I Feel Good @ HI-YENA (220129)

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2022.01.29 08:00 Ok_Chard_7146 Perguntas aos escritores do /r/brasil que publicaram seus próprios livros.

  1. Você considera que vale a pena publicar ebook pela Amazon?
  2. Como foi o processo de publicar pela Amazon? Quantos % vocês recebem em cada venda?
  3. Como você desenhou a capa do seu livro? Fez por conta própria ou contratou um profissional?
  4. Qual o nome do profissional que desenha capas de livros? É capista, designer, desenhista ou ilustrador? Não entendo nada dessa área, desculpem-me.
  5. No processo de criação do livro, é possível usar alguma fonte diferente que o Kindle Creator fornece? Há alguns livros do meu Kindle tem que a "fonte da editora", que considero bem mais bonitos.
  6. Em livros criados por conta própria, posso utilizar imagens que encontrei na internet, citando a fonte? Há algum problema de direito autoral nisso?
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2022.01.29 08:00 MirzEagle CUDA Versions on Pytorch

I'll try to make it as short as possible.
I have CUDA 11.2 installed on my PC but I downloaded the pytorch version that is with the Cuda 11.3 (from the official website where they ask you your platform and CUDA version and give you a command to install pytorch)
When I set my device to my gpu the model is still training using my cpu so I realized its probably because of the CUDA different versions.

Is there any way to fix it without having to download CUDA 11.3 ?
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It is 29-January 11:00. I am cheated.
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2022.01.29 08:00 themostsuperlative Claims of prions GP120 in novavax. Issue or non-issue?

There's some claims doing the rounds on a few groups talking about prions in Novavax. Anyone know if it is actually a potential problem or not?
Here are the claims: 5. Finally, the last ingredient in Novavax is unique and not found in any other vaccine/therapy: They add PRION particles into the mix. Prions are the notorious chemicals responsible for brain damage in mad cow disease, and in brain diseases such as Alzheimer's Disease/Dementia. Studies have shown that prions causes massive amounts of lewey bodies in the brains of 'humanised' monkeys and mice, inevitably leading to 90+% death rates. 6. In the case of Novavax, they use an HIV-like prion called glycoprotein 120 (GP120) previously used in HIV vaccines that have never been approved or commercialised. The use of GP120 is presumably to induce broadly neutralising antibodies which other COVID-19 vaccines/therapies do not. (S-Trimer, a COVID-19 subunit vaccine candidate, induces protective immunity in nonhuman primates - Nature Communications) (NEJM Journal Watch: Summaries of and commentary on original medical and scientific articles from key medical journals) 7. GP120 has documented neurotoxicity in HIV research. (gp120 neurotoxicity fails to induce heat shock defenses, while the over expression of hsp70 protects against gp120 - PubMed)
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